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[ë ABIAN SOCIETY.­ The Fabian Society consists of Socialists. A stats-
»; F ment of its Rules and the following publications can be obtained from the _ r
lg Secretary, at the Fabian Oüice, 3 Clement’s Inn, London, W.C.
il Edited by BERNARD SHAW. ls. post free.
/ Paper cover, 1/-; plain cloth, 2/-, post free from the Secretary. e
1 Tracts, each 16 to 52 pp., price 1d., or 9d. per olaz., unless otherwise stated.
l Lea.jZets, 4 pp. each, price ld. for six copzes, 1s. per 100, or 8/6 per 1000.
i The Set of 81, post free 2/3. Bound in Buckram, post free for 3/9. i
( Boxes for set, ls., post free ls. 3d. i
/ I.­On General Socialism in its various aspects. (
E TRACTS.-7g. A Word_of Remembrance and Caution to the Rich. By J CHN "
WooLMA1~1. 78. Socialism and the Teaching of Christ. By Dr. J orm CL1F­
Fonn. 87. The same in Welsh. 42. Christian Socialism. By Rev. S. D. HEAD- ·
i LAM. 75. Labor in the Longest Reign. By SIDNEY WEBB. 72. The Moral
i Aspects of Socialism. By SIDNEY BALL. 6g. Difiiculties of Individualism.
By SIDNEY WEBB. 51. Socialism: True and False. By S. WEBB. 45. The
Impossibilities of Anarchism. By BEBNARD SHAW (price 2d.). 15. English
Progress towards Social Democracy; By S. WEBB. 7. Capital and Land.
5. Facts for Socialsts (Sth edn. revised 1899.) LEAFLETs-13. What Social-
I ism Is. 1. Why are the Many Poor? 38. The same in Welsh. '
II.-On Application of Socialism to Particular Problems.
TRAoTs.-98. State Railways for Ireland. 88. The Growth of Monopoly
in English Industry. By H. W. MAoaosTY. 86. Municipal Drink Traffic,
85. Liquor Licensing at Home and Abroad. By E. R. PEASE. 84. Econo-
mics of Direct Employment. 83. State Arbitration and the Living Wage. (
8o. Shop-life and its Reform. 74. The State and its Functions in New
Zealand. 73. Case for State Pensions in Old Age. By GEO. TURNER.
67. Women and the Factory Acts. By Mrs. Srmmr WEBB. 5o. Sweating:
its Cause and Remedy. 48. Eight Hours by Law. 23. Case for an Eight
Hours Bill. 47. The Unemployed. By J. Burms, M.P. LEAFLETS.-89. Old
" Age Pensions at Work. 1g. What the Farm Laborer Wants. 104. How
Trade Unions benefit Workmen.
III.-On Local Government Powers : How to use them.
TRACTS.-103. Overcrowding in London and its Remedy. By W. C.
STEADMAN, L.C.C. 101. The House Famine and How to Relieve it. 52 pp.
76. Houses for the People. 1oo. Metropolitan Borough Councils: their
powers and duties. gg. Local Government in Ireland. 82. Workmen’s ‘
Compensation Act: what it means and how to make use of it. 77.
Municipalization of Tramways. 62. Parish and District Councils.
61. The London County Council. 55. The Workers’ School Board
Program. 54. The Humanizing of the Poor Law. By J. F. OAKmsHo1·T.
i LEAFLETS.-81. Municipal VVater. 68. The Tenant’s Sanitary Catech-
ism. 71. Same for London. 63. Parish Council Cottages and how to
get them. 58. Allotments and how to get them. FABIAN MUNICIPAL
PROGRAM (Nos. 3o-37). The Unearned Increment. London’s Heritage
in the City Guilds. Municipalization of the Gas Supply. Municipal
Tramways. London’s Water Tribute. Municipalization of the London `
Docks. The Scandal of London’s Markets. A Labor Policy for Public
' Authorities. The 8 in a red cover for ld. (9d. per doz.); separately 1/- per 100.
Snconn Snnms (Nos. go to 97). Municipalization of the Milk Supply. .
( Municipal Pawnshops. Municipal Slaughterhouses. Women as Coun-
­ cillors. Municipal Bakeries. Municipal Hospitals. (The others in pre-
; ‘ paration.) 6 for ld., or 1/- per 100.
IV.-On Books.
ag. What to Read. A List of Books for Social Reformers. 6d. each.
/‘ V.-On Fabian Policy.
[ 7o. Report on Fabian Policy. 41. The Fabian Society: its Early History,
( VI.-­Question LCaHCtS, containing Questions for Candidates for the ·
/ following bodies :-20, Poor Law Guardians. 24, Parliament. 25, School
l Boards. 26, London County Council. 27, Town Councils. 28, County
1 Councils, Rural. 56, Parish Councils. 57, Rural District Councils. 59,
Urban District Councils. 102, Metropolitan Borough Councils.
Bo0K Boxns lent to Societies, Clubs, Trade Unions, for 6s. a year, or 2/6 a quarter
Printed by G. Standring, 9 Finsbury Street, E.C., and Published by the Fabian Society,
, 3 Clementfs Inn, Strand, London. W.C.