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l PLYMOUTH.-H Overcrowding in Plymouth " (series of articles
reprinted from T/Wslerzz Dazbr Merczzry). 28 pp. (Plymouth : ‘
E 1880); Council Minutes, 1896-7.
il R1oHMoND (Surrey).-" Housing of the Working Classes; with .
ll a description of the Richmond Municipal Cottages," by Alderman
l W. Thompson. (London : King ; 1899 ; 2S. 6d.).
( VVREXHAM.-COLll1Cll Minutes. b
( VIII.-Bibliographies, etc. gt
i For references to other books and pamphlets, and to magazine
; articles, see the elaborate " Bibliography of Municipal Affairs and
[ City Conditions," published by the New York Reform Club as No. 1
) of Munzbgbal Ajrazrs (London : P. S. King and Son; 1897, 233 pp.;
( 2s. 6d.); and the Special Number of MZl7lZb¢áZ Afazks on the
) "Housing Problem in Cities" (March 1899 ; London : King, 1s.) ; see
l also the very full list under "I·]abitations," pp. 693-701 of the "Index
l Catalogue to the Library of the Surgeon­General’s Ofiïce at VVash­
1 ington (1884)," which can be seen at the British Museum. ,
The most useful single work of reference on the subject is " The fl
Encyclopaedia of Social Reform," edited by W. D. P. Bliss (New
i York: 1897). {Q
IX.-Annual Reports, etc. 1.;
Many valuable papers are to be found in the Proceedings of the Y,
Seventh and Eighth International Congresses of Hygiene and ,‘
Demography (London, 1891; Buda­Pesth, 1894); and in those of R
the First and Second International Congresseson the Housing of I
I the Working Classes (Brussels, 1897).
The following Annual Reports should also be consulted :- è_,`
Peabody Donation Fund. ii`
Mansion House Council on the Dwellings of the Poor. l=
~ Improved Industrial Dwellings Company. Q.
1 Artizans’, Laborers’ and General Dwellings Company. gl
g East­End Dwellings Company.
l Tenant Co-operators’ Society. , `*
I English Land Restoration League (Red Van Campaign).
l .
) ,
( .
L g.