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. 49
(London: Unwin, 1895; ós.); and F. Dolman’s "Municipalities at
‘ Work " (London : Methuen, 1895 ; 2s. 6d.). A convenient summary
up to January, 1899, giving details of collective action in fifteen
municipalities, fifteen urban district councils, and four rural authori-
, ties, will be found in Fabian Tract No. 76, " Houses for the People."'
The latest information is given in " The Municipal Year­Book"‘
{ (London : annually, price 2s. 6d.).
i The following references to Minutes and official documents give
only some of those accessible at the British Library of Political
Science (IO Adelphi Terrace, Strand, W.C.).
` BARKING TowN.-Health Report, 1898.
, B1RM1NGHAM.-Council Minutes, 1891 to 1896 ; Health Reports;.
E Water Reports. Facts for Birmingham : 1. Housing; J. A. Fallows..
~ (Birmingham : 1899.)
BR1sToL.-Report of Committee on the Condition of the Bristol
Poor (Bristol : 1884). Homes of the Bristol Poor, by Special Com-
missioner of Brzlïzol Merczrgy. 102 pp.
, CoLc1-1EsTER.-Council Minutes 1897-8.
` DUBLIN.-Hêälth Reports.
EDINBURGH.-"HOV Edinburgh is Governed," by J. W. Gulland,.
(Nelson; 1s.)
GLASG-ow.-Report of Commission on the Housing of the Poor
,· (Glasgow: 1891). 189 pp. Annual Reports of the Glasgow Im-
*f,‘ provement Trustees; Council Minutes, 1897-8. Bell, j., and
Paton, J., "Glasgow: its Municipal Organization and Administra-
ïï tion." (Glasgow: Maclehose, 1896; 21s.).
‘ _HUnnERsF1aLD.-Cotixicil Minutes, 1897-8.
ä HULL.-Health Reports.
IXWORT1-1.-" Account of instance of putting Part III. of the
Act into operation," by F. D. Perrott. (Smethwick : 1899 ; IS.),
’ Lmïns.-"Leeds Slumdom" by D. B. Foster (Leeds: 1897)..
32 pp., illustrated.
r Larcasran.-Couiicil Minutes.
L1NcoLN.-Council Minutes. .
· L1viïRPoo1..­-Council Minutes, 1864-1898 ; Special Report on
Artizans’ Dwellings, 1896..
jï LoN1JON (see also precezizäzg secizbvz).-Anntial Reports of the
,4t London County Council (especially " Housing of the Working
Classes Committee " and " Public Health Committee ").
London County Council Return (No. 3,56) of particulars of the
Housing Operations of the Council (1897). 8d. King.
For action by Vestries, etc. :- 4
fi St. Luke’s Health Reports ; Annual Report, 1891. ,
St. _Tames’, Westminster, Annual Reports. ·
L St. Leonard, Shoreditch, Annual Reports. l
{ St. Mary, Lambeth, Special Report, 1900. J
St. Mary, Newington, Special Report, 1896. l
LONGTON.-Council Minutes, 1897-8. ·
. MANCHESTER.-"Historical Record of some recent enterprises 8
of the Manchester Corp0ration." (Manchester Corporation, 1896),