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48 ï
E 1894.-Slums in Great Cities. Seventh Special Report of the Com- ·@
_ missioner for Labor (United States Government Report _‘
on New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and Baltimore). L
. ,, More Light and Air for Londoners: the Effect of the New
. Streets and Buildings Bill on the Health of the People. ,
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1895.-­Parish Council Cottages. Fabian Tract No. 63. (Revised
( 1898.) `
· ,, Housing the People. Sir H. G. Reid. 69 pp. 1s. A. Gard-
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,, The Housing of the Working Classes. E. Bowmaker.
186 pp. 2s. 6d. Methuen. ,
( ,, The Housing of the People. Eighth Special Report of the ;
4 Commissioner for ‘Labor (United States Government
T Report on the Housing Problem in Europe, by Dr.
l E. R. L. Goud). _
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IS. St. Bride’s Press. 3
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,, Life in West London. Arthur Sherwell. 2nd edition.
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‘ upon the History and Present Position of the Housing (Q
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,, The Face of the Poor, or the Crowding of London’s
Laborers. Robert Williams. zo pp. 2d. Reeves.
1898.-The Housing Problem in the Rural Districts. F. Henderson, ‘ -`
1899.-No Room to Live: Urban and Rural Districts. (Dazïy · ä
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,, Unhealthy Areas and Municipal Housing. Thomas Blashill
(late Superintending Architect, London County Council). G
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London Reform Union. 1d. ‘
,, The Cottage Question. Land Law Reform Association.
,, English Country Cottages. Green (Rum! T/Wrld Olhce). IF
I900.­-HOUSBS for the Working Classes in Urban Districts. Thirty 4
Plans, etc., with Notes, etc. S. W. Cranlield and H. I. l
Potter. Balsford, 94 High Holborn, London. ISS. net.
,, The Housing Question. Alfred Smith. Is. Sonnenschein. 7
,, Better Homes for the Workers, and How to Obtain Them.
H. R. Aldridge. Land Nationalization Society Tract 80. T
VII.-Municipal Action in Particular Towns and Districts. {
Elaborate particulars of municipal action in all towns, up to 1,
1894, are given in the Eighth Special Report of the United States
Government Commissioners of Labor (Washington: 1895); see ­
also Dr. Albert Shaw’s "Municipal Government in Great Britain "