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46 ·
V IV.-Sanitation.
For the history of Public Sauitation in England, the best work
is Sir john Simon’s "English Sanitary Institutions" (London; 1890) `
-see also his " Public Health Reports," published by the Sanitary g
r Institute in 1887; the great "Treatise on Hygiene and Public
Health," by Dr. Thomas Stevenson and Dr. Shirley Murphy, 3 vols. 9
(80s.; Churchill. London: 1892-4) ; and Palmberg and Newsholme’s
1 "Treatise on Public Health," describing the systems of various
l countries (London : 1893). See also, for special problems, Dr. G. V. V
J . Poore’s "Rural Hygiene" (ós. 6d.; Longmans. London: 1893)
and Dr. B. A. Whitelegge’s "Hygiene and Public Health" (London: ,
1899). Brief practical manuals are Taylor’s "Sanitary Inspector’s =
Handbook" (5s.; Lewis. London: 1897), and Willoughby’s "Health (
, OHicer’s Pocket Book " (7s. 6d.; Lockwood. London: 1893).
V.-Some Special Problems.
(a) Bac/ê­t0-Bach äuses. ~ {
For discussion of this type of dwelling, which still prevails in
Leeds, see the "Report to the Local Government Board on Back- i
to­Back Houses," by Dr. Barry and Mr. P. Gordon Smith (London :
1888), and the "Reports on Back­to-Back Houses " made to the
Manchester City Council in 1891 and 1892 by Dr. John Tatham.
See also Stevenson and Murphy’s " Treatise on Hygiene and Public rg
Health " 3 vols. (80s.; Churchill. London: 1892-4). ll
(b) Block Dwellzäzgs.
See "The Vital Statistics of Peabody Buildings and other
Artizans’ and Laborers’ Block Dwellings," by Dr. A. Newsholme, _
in the jaawzal qf the Royal Statzlslzbal Soczkzjw (1891), and the
, chapter by Miss Octavia Hill on " Blocks of Buildings," in Vol. III.
of Mr. Charles Booth’s "Life and Labor of the People in London,"
2nd edition (7s. 6d.; Macmillan. London: 1892). Elaborate descrip-
tions and statistics as to block dwellings in most of the principal
cities of Europe are given in the Eighth Special Report of the J
United States Government Commissioner of Labor (1895). 3
(0) Rural Depopulalzbn.
The best authorities hereon are the articles in the jmïrzal apf the _»
Royal Sz‘aZ‘zIs‘z‘z2:al Soczèzy, by Dr. W. Ogle, on " The Alleged De-
population of the Rural Districts of England" (1889); and by -;
Dr. G. B. Longstaff, L.C.C., on " Rural Depopulation " (1893). The
influx into London is fully investigated by Mr. H. Llewellyn Smith `Q
in Vol. HI. of Mr. Charles Booth’s "Life and Labor of the People '
in London," 2nd edition (7s. 6d.; Macmillan. London: 1892). (
(a') ]"e1zemem‘ H>uses.
Much information on these is to be found in the " Report of the l
Tenement House Committee of the State of New York " (New
York : 1895); and in the London County Council publication,