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i 1891). For the Housing Act alone, see W. C. Bernard and H. M.
ii Brown’s " The Housing of the Working Classes Act, 189o" (ós.;
Butterworth. London: 1891); or C. E. Allan’s "The Housing of
· F the Working Classes Acts" (7s. 6d.; Butterworth. London: 1898).
The law relating to buildings is, as regards London, to be found
, in the great consolidating statute, 57 & 58 Vict., cap. 213, "The
London Building Act, 1894.,, The "Bye­Laws of the London
_ County Council in Operation" (King; No. 130) must also be con-
2 sulted. Outside London, the building regulations are usually to be
l sought in the local bye-laws, of which the only existing collection is
that of the British Library of Political Science. For their general
ä scope see Knight’s "Annotated Model Bye­Laws of the Local
ï Government Board," 5th edition (IOS. 6d.; Knight. London: 1897).
g Many large towns have also local Acts varying the general law,
` and these special clauses, usually ignored, are often full of suggestive­
ness to the reformer.
_ T . II.-Authoritative Sources.
, As regards the past, the classic descriptions of fact are the Report
on the Sanitary Condition of the Metropolis, published by the Poor
Law Commissioners in 1839; the Report by the Poor Law Com-
missioners on the Sanitary Condition of the Laboring Population
of Great Britain, 1842 (written by Sir Edwin Chadwick) ; the Report
and Evidence of the Royal Commission on the Health of Large
Towns, 2 vols., 1844-5; the Report and Evidence of the Metro-
politan Sanitary Commission, 1847-8 ; and the Report and Evidence
of the Royal Commission on the Housing of the Working Classes,
· 2 vols., 1885.
{ As regards London in particular, the best sources are the nine
" volumes of Mr. Charles Booth’s "Life and Labor of the People in
London," 2nd edition (67s. 6d.; Macmillan. London : 1892-7); the
Annual Reports of the Medical Oliïcer of Health of the London
County Council (1892-1898; average price 3s.) ; and, for particular
, districts, the special reports of that body upon the sanitary condition
of Bethnal Green, Clerkenwell, Deptford, Eltham, Fulham, Holborn,
, Kensington, Lambeth, Mile End Old Town, St. Luke’s, St. Saviour’s,
, Southwark, and Whitechapel (1894-1899 ; zd. each).
i III.­Statistics.
( The only general statistics of overcrowding in the United King- ~
, dom are those given in the Census of 1891. Statistics for Scotland
{ only are to be found in previous Censuses 1861, 1871 and 1881. All ,
‘ the statistics for London can be best found in the volume entitled ·
l " London Statistics," published yearly by the London County Coun- ,
,ï cil (1890-I to 1897-8: King; 5s.). They are analysed in Mr. Charles
Booth’s "Life and Labor of the People in London," 2nd edition, ;
F 9 vols. (67s. 6d.; Macmillan. London: 1892-7). The Seventh and L
Eighth Special Reports of the United States Government Commis­ L.
{ sioner for Labor contain many statistics on Housing, relating to ·
most of the principal European and American cities (1894-5). (
ll {
; l