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Ii ·
F THE overcrowding and general insanitation of the dwellings of the `
poorer classes, together with the problem of re­housing, have been )
almost constant topics for discussion in England since about 1838.
Similar problems have had to be considered during the past half 1
U century in France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, and the United i
States. Any complete bibliography of the enormous number of ,
) publications on the subject in all its ramifications cannot be here g ­
attempted. The following list contains only the most important,
more useful, or most accessible printed sources of information in the Q
English language. , ’
i The best books for the beginner (after reading Fabian Tract
No. 76, "Houses for the People": 1d.) are Bowmaker’s " Housing 1
( of the Working Classes" (London: 'I89$) and the Report on the
" Housing of the Working Classes, with a description of the Rich-
l mond Municipal Cottages," by Alderman W. Thompson ; published
) by the Richmond, Surrey, Corporation, and sold by the Fabian
) Society at 2s. 6d. net, or by P. S. King and Son ; to be followed by
l the Eighth Special Report-on the Housing of the People-of the
i United States Government Commissioner of Labor (Washington:
l 1895), which contains a comprehensive survey of the problem in the
l 1nunicipal European cities, and gives more facts than any other
( single work. ‘ ir
, I.-Legal.
l For Housing proper, the principal statute, applying throughout
the United Kingdom, is 53 & 54 Vict. cap. 7o, "The Housing of
the Working Classes Act, 1890,,, which consolidates all the previous ,
Acts (1851-1885). The bulk of the law relating to dwellings for
England and Wales is, however, to be found in the Public Health ,
. Acts, which are not the same in and out of London. For places ,
( outside London, the principal statute is 38 & 39 Vict. cap. 55, " The
ï Public Health Act, 1875,,, as amended by 53 & 54 Vict. cap. 90, "The_ _
, Public Health Acts Amendment Act, 1890 " ; for London, it is 54 & 55 (
~ Vict. cap. 76, "The Public Health (London) Act, 1891,,, both of ,
( which consolidate most of the law prior to their respective dates. f
A These Acts can be most usefully studied in annotated editions, giving ‘
also the legal decisions on disputed points. The best and most l
elaborate of these editions (which include all aspects of Housing ,ï
law) are Lumley‘s "The Public Health Acts," by Macmorran and
· Lushington, 5th edition, 2 vols. (67s. 6d.; Shaw. London: 1896); F
or Glen’s " The Law Relating to Public Health and Local Govern­
ment," 12th edition (London: 1899). For London, see Macmorran’s ri
, The Public Health (London) Act, 1891 " (18s.; Shaw. London:
l ` vä
‘ 7