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. 26
3. To provide suitable sites for workmen’s cottages. til
` (ez) An act should be passed giving general compulsory
powers to all local authorities to purchase any agricultural `;
land within or without their area as sites for workmen’s
. dwellin s. r
i (b)gThe gross assessable value of such land, as stated fl
§ in the rate­books, to be the basis of the purchase price.
5, (0) Give local authorities power to lease part of such C
i sites to companies or individuals. ‘
4. To make suburban colonies accessible.
3 (ez) Cheap workmen’s trains must be run in all p
directions on all railways with metropolitan stations. _ T
(b) Cheap municipal electric trams must be extended
g to at least a twelve mile radius from London on all the ,
jg main roads, and existing monopolies of such trams ?
rl purchased by the County Council. 5
5. To secure the erection of houses on the sites bought by i
9, municipalities. .
§ (ez) Lease plots of municipal land in connection with
the proposed suburban colonies, for the erection thereon of
l. their own dwellings by the small capitalists who are .
provided,for in Mr. Chamberlain’s Housing Act of 1899. Y
(b) Lease larger areas to Co­operative Societies and
associations for the erection of workmen’s dwellings, subject lj
to a restricting clause making rents vary inversely with ,
? dividends.
Q (c) Lease large areas to railway and other companies · .
L or individuals to provide dwellings of the same number
and for the same class as those demolished by them in cases · `
of demolition or clearance works. t
(el) The municipalities themselves to build largely on ~
the outskirts of their districts for all grades of workers, W
j charging a slightly higher percentage of rent for the best Q
class of houses, so as to be able to utilise the surplus in ‘
reduction of the rents of the dwellings of the poorest
.f classes of workers. ·
Q To secure that rents shall be as low as possible- ;
4 (ez) The Government to advance money for housing pur-
poses on loan for 100 years at not more than 2% per cent.
l (ZB) The operation of the sinking fund on such loans to be ‘
postponed until five years after the houses have been built. .
V (0) Site values to be assessed to local rates on a percentage
g, of capital value, and to contribute proportionately towards local
expenditure so as to relieve rates on all kinds of dwelling­ ·
F houses. ,
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