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ii. 20
report on such area, and the local authority must act on this report,
and must purchase by compulsion all properties required to eH`ect
the clearauce.
Special provision is made for the assessment of compensation by
the remarkable Purchase Clause in Section zr, which provides-
1. That compensation shall be based upon the fair market
I value at the time of valuation without any additional allowance
in respect of compulsory purchase.
2. In forming the estimate due regard is to be bad to the
nature and condition of the property and the probab. duration
of the buildings in their existing state.
3. Deductions are also to be made for existing nuisances.
(a) For an enhanced value by being used for illegal
purposes or owing to overcrowding.
( (b) For the bad state of repair in which the premises
( are found.
( (c) The property not being reasonably capable of being
made üt for habitation.
. The arbitrator may be appointed by the Local Government
Board if so requested by the Local Authority. (Schedule I).
I PART II. provides for the demolition of unhealthy or obstruc-
, tive buildings where the fewness of the buildings or the smallness
I of the area renders it inexpedient to proceed under Part I. (Secs.
72 and 7 3). _ _ _
( It applies to all urban and rural sanitary authorities, but those
in London and rural districts must communicate all steps taken to
the County Council. (Secs. 92 and 93. Schedule I.) It need not ­
be published like Part I., but notice must be given to the Owners,
and the sanction of the Local Government Board obtained.
( The Medical Otlicer of Health or any four ratepayers may inform
. the local authority of any building which they consider-
, (a) So dangerous or injurious to health as to be unfit for
l human habitation.
l (b) Which stops ventilation or otherwise conduces to make
( other buildings injurious to health.
A (0) Which prevents proper measures from being carried
into effect for remedyïng any nuisance injurious to health.
( (Secs. 31, 38, and 39). , ,
. . If the Medical Officer so reports, the local authority may in the
ï case of an unhealthy house proceed to obtain a closing order at the I
Petty Sessions, and may, if the circumstances require it, order the '
> demolition of the building. (Sec. 33). They may also purchase i
S houses for the purpose of opening out small courts and alleys with-
out having to prove that such courts are actually uniit for human
l habitation.
) Appeal may be made, however, to Quarter Sessions. (Sec. 3,5.)