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Note to the Reprint. = I
THE following papers, presented to and discussed by a
Conference on the Housing Problem, held at the Memorial Hall, `
Farringdon Street, London, on 1St March, 1900, are published
with the names of the authors, who are responsible for the views ,
expressed. The opinions adopted by the Fabian Society can be
found in Tracts No. 63, " Parish Council Cottages," and No. 76, j
"Houses for the People," both revised in 1900. Tract 103, " Over- `
crowding in London and its Remedy," by W. C. Steadman, L.C.C.,
is another publication on the subject. _
Since the date of the above­named Conference, the Act of 1900, A
amending the Housing of the Working Classes Act, 1890, has
become law, and it must therefore be remembered that on some
points the statements in the following papers are no longer accurate. ,
The chief alterations in the law made by the Act of 1900 are :- ”
(1) Councils other than Rural can build outside their areas. i
See pp. 18, 22, 23, 26, 31. `
(2) Most of the special conditions which restricted Rural
District Councils in adopting the Act are repealed, but they
still must obtain the consent of their County Council. ‘
See p. 22.
(3) Land may be leased by the local authority for building
cottages, subject to stringent conditions. See p. 26.
(4) Parish Councils are given the right to appeal to the
County Council, if their Rural District Council neglect to
adopt Part III., and the County Council can then build in ,
place of the Rural District Council. This provision is im-
portant because, by implication, it makes it the dugw of
Parish Councils to consider the supply of housing in their '
parishes. See p. 6. ‘ ,
I. Bad Housing in Rural Districts. ,
By CLEMENT Enwaizns. Page 3 ‘· ,
II. Laborers’ Cottages. .
III. Facts as to Urban Overcrowding.
By Dr. Enwmzn BOWMAKER. ,, IO =
IV. The Existing Situation in London: Statistics of
the Problem. ,
V. Powers of Local Authorities. ‘
By Councillor W. THOMPSON. ,, IQ
VI. Consideration of Practical Difficulties as regards .
By Councillor H. C. LANDER. ,, 27 i
Vll. General Principles. -~ _
By Councillor F. LAwsoN Donn. ,, 32
VIII. A Select Bibliography.
By SIDNEY WEBB, L.C.C. ,, 44