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_ masters, and three fourths of the mariners, are of that par-
ticular country; and when imported even in ships of this
latter kind, they are subject to double aliens duty. If i1npor­
lg ted in ships of any otherpcountry, the penalty is forfeiture
of ship and goods. When this act was made, the Dutch were,
‘ what they are still, the great carriers of Europe; and by this
1 regulation they were entirely excluded from being the carriers
lj to Great Britain, or from importing to us the goods of any
other European country.
i, Thirdly. A great variety of the most bulky articles of im- . =
i portation are prohibited from being imported, even in British
ships, from any country but that in which they are produ­
F ccd, under pain of forfeiting ship and cargo. This regulation, '
, too, was probably intented against the Dutch. Holland was E V
then, as now, the great emporium for all European goods,
and by this regulation British ships were hindered from
_ loading in Holland the goods of any other European country. ,
Fourthly. Salt üsh of all kinds, vvhale­fins, whale bone,
I, oil and blubber, not caught by and cured on board British ­
vessels, when iinported into Great Britain, are subjectcd to
. double aliens duty. The Dutch as they are still the principal, {5
lg were then the only lishers in Europe that attempted to supply
` foreign nations with fish. By this regulation, a very heavy
burclen was laid upon their supplying Great Britain/’
En nu het oordeel van Smith.
Smith zegt: ,,It is not impossible therefore, that some of the
` regulations of this famous act may have proceeded from na- .
tional animosity. They are cts wise however ces they had all
been dicmted by the most deliberctte w’zZsd0m."
W Smith veroordeelt de Acte van Navigatie uit een interna­
9 tionaal­vrijhandelsoogpunt; hij acht haar nadeelig voor de ,
welvaart der menschheid in haar geheel; doch hij prijst haar
­ . als een product van de grootste wijsheid, omdat zij zijn land
tot macht en grootheid bracht.
Sterker veroordeeling van de leer, dat men den staat .

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