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,,as if not knowing what weariness was-willing beasts ‘)
,,of burden, for they had the care upon them of their
,,children; the men disclaiming all responsibilities on jl
,,that score, after the babies have been once brought L
,,into the world. The poor women are content with i
,,the arrangement, which they prefer to what they I,
,,would regard as legal bondage. They earn at this
,,c0alin g work seven or eight shillings a day. If they i T
,,were wives, their husbands would take it from them,
,,and spend it in rum. The companion who is not a
,,wife can refuse and keep her earnings for her
,,little ones. If black suffrage is to be the rule in
,,]amaïca, I would take it away from the men and "
,,would give it to the superior sex. The women are
,,the working bees of the hive. They would make
,,a tolerable nation of black amazons, and the babies
,,would not be offered to ]umbi.”