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29 l
,, the Act should not come into operation in ,, any county i
,, ,, in England until the magistrates of such county in I
,, ,, quarter sessions, or in any county in Scotland until
,, ,, the Oommissioners of supply of such county, or in any
,, ,, county in Ireland until the Grand Jury of such county
,, ,, shall have resolved to bring such county under the
,, ,, operation of the Act ," and the date for compulsory
« ,, stamping was extended to October 13, 1870. Two counties
? ,, - Gloucester and Oarmarthen - adopted the Act , and about
,,eighty cities and boroughs; and by a subsequent Act the
,, Metropolitan Board of Works were appointed to carry out
,, the provisions of the Act in the Metropolis. Only 48 of
,, the boroughs have, however, provided the necessary
,, apparatus for proving meters, and in some of them no
,,inspectors have as yet been appointed. But this makes R
,, no difference whatever in the obligation to discontinue 3
,, the use of unstamped meters in these districts after the 1
,, date fixed by the act of 1860. It follows therefore, that
l ,, except in the counties before mentioned, and in the cities
,, and boroughs in which the Act has been adopted, and
_ ,, in the metropolis, as defined by the Metropolitan Local
W ,, Government Act, unstamped meters may continue to be «
,, used as if no Act for regulating the measures used in
,, the sale of gas had been passed. In cases where the
,, meter belongs to a consumer, and where the Act has
,, been adopted, the gascompany whould be justified in
,, refusing to continue the supply through an unstamped
,, meter, since they could not recover for the value of the
,, gas consumed. The Act cannot now be adopted in
l ,, England and Ireland, in places where it has not already
,, been adopted; but a special Act has been passed for
,, Scotland, giving the municipal authorities power to adopt