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to pl`€SC1`i13G 1ll1(.1(‘·1` what conditions voiiditional (5011-
lz traband niight bo soizod. Tho D00la1·ati011 of London,
1 llOV€‘VOl`, 111u<·l1. as has 1.10011 said about it, 1l(èV0l.'
11 b00a1110 law as 1% was 110v01· a00<·pt0d by tho nations.
lt was a (‘0illpl‘()lIliS0, 111 many 1·0sp00ts u11W01·l1abl0, *
as pointod out by sonic of our b0st publioists, and so _ Y
far as this war is <·on0<~1·110d it has d01111it0ly 1)l`OkQll , »
([11161% has 1101701* 136011 a11y fixod liniitation to th0
0xt0ns1on of co11t1·aband lists and ohangiiig 1I1(+i3llO(lS K
1 of V2l11‘f31YG hay0 groatly 0o1npli0at0d tho 111att01·. ·
11 Each b(%1llg@I“(%Il1J has b0011 11101*0 01· 10ss th0 judge; in
.1 1‘0ga1"d th01·0to ; th01?0 has always 110011 0o11t1‘0v01·sy ·
b0tW0011 th0 noutral whoso 0on11n01·00 was aff00t0d
1 and tl10 1)€lllg(%1`C1l1J who d0si1‘0d to malïo th.0 largost
possibl0 list of ooiitraband so as to 011han00 th0 0ff00ts
ï of l1is s0a p0W01·. This u11001tai11ty l0av0s Wid0 pow01·
in th0 b0llig01"0nt and th01‘0 is praotioally 110 lin1itatio11 .
ïl upon such 0xt011si011 of th0 coiitraband lists. -
1 Th0 main critioisni di100t0d against (310at Britain
1 by (irêfïïläilly is that sh0 has l11f2l1C1J tï0at0d as absoluto
contïaband all 0lass0s of conditional oontiabaiid, thus
disrogarding a110i011t p1·000d011ts. Tl10 zl·l1SVV€1 niado
is that th0 situation has 0on1pl0t0ly ohangod, that th0
V J (.irOVQ·l‘ll1”11€l1h of G01‘n1a11y has, si1100 th0 0a1·ly days of ·
1 th0 War, b0011 00n1pl0t0ly n1ilita1‘iz0d, and has tak.011
1 OVGJ? th0 Hlëlilll staplos of lif0 thus making it impossiblo
‘Y to dis011ta11gl0 thos0 goods which aio goiiig to th0
1lOll­COHlb&JD€l«I113 population from thoso d0sti110d to
1 th0 conibatant population.
il This has 110011 hold by th0 British Pirizo C0u1·ts in i `
1 th0 f2l·ll]OllSg" ]?a<·l;01·s’ Class " and 001·tai11ly p1·0s011ts .
a broad q_110stio11 about which lawy01·s and stat0s111011 l
lp! may W0ll diffor. 1 ‘
()11l‘ (i«0V(?l'llHl(ël,lJD has piotostod against all supposod
1 lllfl‘ll1gCl1l(‘ll1§~S of llOll13l‘äl«l rights, as was i11d00d its
duty. E'Cl‘)' Gov01·111n011t is oblig0d to p1‘0t00t th0
fl ‘