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Whether or not Germany means actually to carry
out its pledge to refrain from illegal submarine-
; Warfare and to subject that Warfare to the fixed and
settled rules of international l.aW, applicable to the
detention and capture of merchant vessels by cruisers,
remains, of course, to be seen.
In the meantime the President has so emphatically y
repudiated the apparent condition imphed in the l
German reply that all those portions of the reply noW i
appear to have been Wholly irrelevant and unimpor-- ‘ ,
tant, and probably intended iïor home consumption.

In regard to the charges against Great Britain in.
the German note, these have been constantly ,
reiterated since the declaration of Germany’s War
zone and are predicated upon tWo main points :
First, the alleged illegahty of the British blockade.
Second, the extension of the list of contraband and
the treatment of conditional. as absolute contraband. `
Our oWn Government’s protest against Gieat- l
Britain’s actions in regard to blockade and contra- l
band, as Well as to some minor matters, Would appear _
to furnish Germany some ground for her complaint.
Of course the actions of Great Britain in no Wise
justifled reprisals Which Would affect neutrals,
leeg: 'r· lg: V . · · i
especially When sueh reprisals have for their effect,
the killing of non­combatants upon the high Seas-
This the United States has made quite clear to the
German Government, yet they persistently seelr to· `
jiietiiy their submarine Warfare on a basis of rep1‘1Sal­
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It is fair to examme, hoWever, What basis there may
be in their general charges against Great Britain,
h0Wever insuflicient they may be as an excuse for
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