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ä morally strongx in the absolute vindicatioii of right.
Strasbou1·g and Metz must be restored, well as
Lille a11d the cities of the North, as a 11’lO1lllD’lê1].jB to I
the right that i11 the long run makes might.
Great Britain has suffered tremeudously, and for
her there must be some guarantee that the hideous ë
race of a1‘111a111e1its Will 11ot C()lI1IIl(?ll(‘(¥ again and that
she may resume her peaeeful eoimiieree a11d the
development of her iiidiistries, with some guarantee
that P.l`llSSl2l»ll " hubris " will not agyaiu set the world
I do 11013 believe that as yet the domiiiaiit olass in
(ir(*l‘lllàl«ll§’ has realized the situation amd is prepared
to make the necessary eorieessious to iusure the
peace of Europe. Until they have, 110 peace 021111 or
will be reached, and if it were, it would 11ot be a true
peace but a mere truce, l)l‘(‘§,ll2l.lllZ with a Woe for the
l·lll`lll‘<‘ even greater Tllztll that of the past.
lüifnfezl il: circa! Bri/ain by B'll;’)`ll[I,YJIKIHIFWSOII <(‘ SH;¢L1)1le,Y2l;l., hdzidoh, nl-W 4 v `