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" Now it might be objeeted on the side ·
of the Entente: perhaps Sazonoff had just
as little suspieion as to the diplomatie situation
which had arisen in London on the 30th as l
Headlam seems to have on the 13th September, A
" Let us therefore investigate it shortly.
What did the Russian Government know as ;
to the diplomatie situation in the night of
the 30th--3ISt P ï
" First, Grey’s formula must have been .
known to them. It had been drafted in z
London so early that the answer to it from
jagow aeeepting it reached London on the
_ 30th. l
" Benekendorff must also naturally have ‘
telegraphed it at once to Sazonoff. Viviani i
expressly assumes as ‘ undoubted ’ that Sazonofï
knew of it (F. IIO).l`
" Further, the Russian Government knew E
that the German Emperor threw his whole
* With regard to this I need only refer Glaukos to T
"The History of Twelve Days," in Chapter IO of which
he will find the whole matter he discusses submitted te .
a thorough examination. q
t Sic. The reference is wrong; it should be F. II2. N.
This telegram is dated july 31st, and there is no evidence Q
that the French telegram to St. Petersburg contained in it {
reached the Russian Government before the morning of T
july 31st.
° Q