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i peace; it was a brilliantly conceived idea
showing profound insight which might make
_ it possible, even at the last moment, to save
the situation, and it was as this that it was
supported by the German Chancellor. Now
` the question which he puts before us, and
one which is of the greatest importance, is
i this. What did Russia know about it ? When
E she mobilised, did she do so with full knowledge
I of this proposal and knowing that it was on
iï the verge of acceptance? His point is that
ii Russia knew of this proposal; she knew also
* that it was warmly supported by Germany
. and by the German Emperor; she knew
that it would be accepted by Austria; she
pi knew also that, if time was allowed, in this "
proposal would be found the means of keeping
peace, for it would be supported by what
E he calls the neutralists in England and the
peace party in France, and he comes to the
" conclusion that Russia ordered immediate com-
pletion of mobilisation just because she knew
AI, that peace was imminent, with the deliberate
intention of creating an impossible situation
before this proposal had had time to mature.
_, In order to support this proposition, he traces
in detail the history of this proposal, and
sums up his conclusions as follows: