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eonceded; the proposal of Sir Edward Grey
to surnmon an international conference was
recognised in the acceptance of mediation
` by the four Powers/’ And in another place
i hc speaks of it as an " ideal proposal/’ A
I V This is a notable concession to be made
ik by an authoritative German writer, for in
, making it he has presumably omitted to notice
the statement published in the North Germaii
, Gazette of December, IQI4, which is as follows z-
" Interesting is the fact which we learn
_ from the Yellow Book (see No. 113) that
the English Government by their Ambassador
tried to get M. Sazonolï afterwards to alter
pi his formula and make it even less accept-
­ able for Austria­Hungary. He was to add r
to it the condition, which he had not pre- A
viously put forward, that Austria should l
· stop the march of her troops on Serbian
Y territory. This fact shows that the British
i Gooerrimeiit, which had in the mecmtime become p
[ more Rassiart than the Czar, desired to make i
ib a compromise impossible imder aiiy circum-
3 T starices."
The view put forward in this statement
has since been echoed in numerous German
propagandist publications, and has become
an important part of the evidence by which
Q i