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‘ way. He tries to do so, and he fails lament­
ably. A
He turns to this revision of the Russian
formula which Sir Edward Grey put forward. §
This revised formula, as will be remembered, T
was as follows: " If the Austrian advance ,
is stopped at Belgrade, the Powers will in- »
vestigate how Serbia could satisfy Austria
without impairing Serbian sovereign rights
or independence." Of this Glaukos says, and f
says quite truly: " This German-English pro- _
posal for mediation seemed predestined at Q
the last hour to bring a peaceful solution
of the world crisis. Russia and Austria had ë
put forward demands in which their prestige D
was especially involved. The proposal for g
mediation satisfied these demands inasmuch F
as it required a certain amount of concession
from both. Austria, which was threatened E
in her vital existence, could not make repara-
tion for the murder of the successor to the
throne depend upon the grace of an European
Conference, but there was conceded a certain è
humiliation of Serbia which even Sir Edward i
Grey recognised as necessary (B. oo). The
Russian demand that it should not be left ;
to Austria to decide whether her demands
were consistent with Serbian sovereignty was 8