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was ordered before it was known that a similar "
step had in fact been taken in Russia, and
also that no efforts were made by the German · p
Government to postpone this act. This is i
the point on which I wish especially to lay ;
stress. Germany, notwithstanding all the ¥
protestations of the Chancellor, took not a
single step to make smooth the way of g
¥ peace.
§ So much for the ürst two points. Now we `
come to the third. ·
ï I had pointed out the extraordinary help- F
lessness with which Herr von Iagow met Q
the Russian formula given to Count Pourtales l
at 2 a.m. on july 30th. I asked why, even i
if this formula could not be accepted, they
ä did not at least use the fact that a formula
i' had been offered as a basis for further nego­ 1
tiations, and why they rejected it summarily ,
without even referring it to Austria. Glaukos
does not dispute the facts; he covers himself
E merely by a quotation from the American e g
book by Professor Stowell, a quotation which
’ does not in the least meet my point, for my
I point was not that this formula could have
2 heen accepted, but that it could be made
the basis for further discussion, and that 1,
i the prompt and almost diseourteous rejection,

l l