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as to Germany’s and Austria’s intentions?
And the time limit to our enquiry must be
the night of the 30th--31st july, 15.e., the .
time when the ünal ukase calling in the reserves {
was issued. No knowledge which came to the
Russian Government after this date is of
any importance for this particular purpose. ~
I am quite prepared to meet him on this
First of all, I have pointed out that the ii
German Government did nothing in regard .
to the two essential points, viz., they did »
not press Austria to suspend her operations
against Belgrade, and they did nothing to press E
the Austrians not to complete their mobilisa- i
tion. As to these points, Glaukos concedes Y
the facts. We may take them, therefore, 1
as established. During this critical day of
july 30th, the Chancellor, while he professed, j
and perhaps honestly professed, to wish to
bring about peace, refrained from these neces-
sary measures for doing so.
With regard to the ürst point, however,
Glaukos confuses the issue. He points out Y
quite correctly that Russia never made the ii
cessation of hostilities against Serbia a comïizfo à
sim qua for an understanding with Austria.
This is perfectly true. Russia was prepared
3 . =
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