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. Archer’s " The Thirteen Days," and he will
then perhaps understand that this is not the
H. kind of work which can be quoted as authori-
' tative or used as a safe guide. The simple
truth is that Mr. Price undertook a very
r ambitious task without any previous know-
_ ledge of diplomatie matters, and that almost
every page of his book is disfigured by the
j grossest carelessness and inaccuracy.
gy Now let us turn to the matter of Glaukos’ i
V article. He starts from the three questions
with which I concluded my former articles
and which form the end of Chapter III. of
E this book. The point of them was that if I
‘ Herr von Bethmann Hollweg really wished to
avoid war, there was only one means of doing y
_` so, and that was without the slightest delay i
· to take the necessary steps to counteract the
Russian apprehension and to remove the causes
. which were inevitably driving Russia to mobi-
, lisation. The point is an old one, but it cannot 2
Q be repeated too often. The Russian Govern- l
ment from the very beginning of the crisis had ç
Q let it be known that they could not allow
. Austria to make war upon and. overrun Serbia
i without intervention; the method of inter- J
’ vention which they proposed to adopt was S