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God-send to them. But his appreciation of i
this work goes to a curious length. Of it ‘
he says: " Mr. Price has reduced the English 1
and Russian responsibility to so simple a T
formula that the time will come when it will r
be included among text-books of world history." i
I am afraid that the English standard of
what we require in a " text-book of world
history " is higher than that which is regarded ïï
as satisfactory in Germany. And indeed,
throughout the whole controversy, nothing is
so remarkable as the extraordinarily low stan- >
dard of scholarship and scientific accuracy
which even the most distinguished German
controversialists accept. The reason that in R
England we do not attach that importance {
to Mr. Price’s book which Glaukos would ii
give to it is not that his conclusions are ad-
verse to us. Mr. Morel has written a much- ï
read work on Morocco which I think is pro- Q
foundly misleading and very dangerous, but I
should always treat it with the respect which 7
is due to a man who shows that he has made
a real and thorough study of the subjects
with which he is occupied. This we cannot ,
say of Mr. Price’s book. I should recommend i
Glaukos to read the admirable appendix dealing
with it which he will find at the end of Mr.