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and unintluential clique, there has not been
a shadow of suspicion.
It is not the case, as he suggests, that the
W estmtnster Gazette had entrusted me with
the task of removing the impression which
the speeches of the Chancellor and the pam­
phlet of junius Alter had created in England.
My articles were written entirely on my own
initiative, and they were sent to the West-
minste? Gazette for the simple reason that it
seemed to me more suitable that they should
appear in the paper which was responsible
; for the original publication of the Chancellor’s
telegram, and I hoped that they would receive
there more attention than they would in
l any other organ. As to the date on which i
they were published, this had nothing to
do with the political situation. They had
. been long in my mind; ever since the Chan-
ï cellor’s speech of August, 1915, I had felt
that some answer was required. But the ë
ë material for an answer was wanting. It did A i
not come until his later speech of june, 1916, g
{ and even after that I had to wait until I was »
able to procure, if not the whole, at least _
ï some portion of the pamphlet by Iunius Alter,
V which seemed to me to give the clue to what
i really happened in Germany. It was not until i E