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did not follow his advice, England would
none the less take part in the war on their
side. By this he gave the decision into the ?
hands of the Russians. Germany acted differ-
ently. She declared at Vienna that if Austria
‘ did not follow German advice, they also could i
not depend on Germany’s assistance. Had
Grey at the right time sent a note in the same
sense to St. Petersburg, perhaps the war
would have been avoided, A
" Whether Grey omitted this saving act ,
merely because he did not judge the situation :
E correctly, or because in his innermost heart
he said that he would not indeed press on T
for war, but that if war were to break out §
` without his co-operation, it might be quite
agreeable to England-­this posterity will per- ‘
haps some day learn if very intimate utterances '
T are published, and it is also possible that it `
G will never be known. An.yhow, there is a A
difference between driving to war and not I
preventing a war, which we must not suppress 1 ‘
and forget. For this reason I should consider l `
' a tiinely revision of our conceptions about `
the leader of Foreign policy in England as è
i not out of place." V p
” This is a very different tone to that to J
_ which we have been accustomed to listen r °