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WHA'£ nm RUSSIA Know?
So much for the Chancellor speaking in his
own name. Now let us turn to the answer
to my articles which has been contributed
to the Preussische jahrbácher by a writer
I who calls himself Glaukos. It is an article
which deserves attention for many reasons.
Like all that appears in the Prausszïsche ]ah1/-
biicher, it is written with a strong grip on
facts, it is devoid of the foolish rhetoric and
grotesque misrepresentations which disügure
the work of so many German apologists.
i In particular, it is interesting because it shows
a real endeavour to arrive at the truth regarding
E Great Britain and Sir Edward Grey. In this
he agrees with Professor Delbrück, the editor
€ of the Preussischc fahrbvliclzler, who, of all
i German contemporary writers, is the most
Q worth reading, just because he is not afraid,
when it seems to him the interests of truth
, require it, to challenge the opinions popular