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ä 5
{ore the only thing to be done was to make ·‘
the best of a bad job and accept the mediation .
which England had offered. This change of ,
front could not have been hidden. The whole
world would have known of it. They would 1
have asked why Germany suddenly became 2
peaceful, and they would have been told it
J was the threat of Russian mobilisation and g
the prospect of war with England under the
fear of which they were acting. It would i
have been shown, and conclusively shown, T
that when the issue was joined, the Triple ¤
Entente was stronger than the Triple Alliance ; ,
the lists would have been prepared, the cham- ï
pions would have been there armed and ready i
for battle, but the German champion w0u.1d ‘
have declined the contest. Is it conceivable ä
that the German Emperor could have accepted
· · this situation ? Let us recollect for a moment Q
the disappointment, the indignation, the con- `
tempt, with which his withdrawal in IQII,
in the Agadir affair, had been greeted in his
own country. Then, in the same way, he
had threatened war; England had interfered, A
and it was English intervention which kept i
the peace. He could withdraw about Morocco,
which was after all a small matter and one «
not vital to German interests. He could not
ii i