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AND THE oUTBRr«:Ai<: on WAR. 71
läï I 4
was a great struggle between him and Q;
On this two further questions arise‘ ';
1. `Why did this plan fail?
This question I will discuss fully in a suc­
ceeding chapter. I will brieiiy anticipate by
saying this: the German theory is that it
failed merely because of Russian mobilisation
and that Russian mobilisation was resorted
to purely with the object of forcing a war
and at the instigation of Great Britain. As
against this, I suggest that the real reason for ‘·
its failure was the false position into which
the Chancellor had allowed himself to be l
entangled during the earlier days of the crisis, ,
and by the extreme clumsiness with which i
he handled most delicate negotiations, and
that the reason for this clumsiness was that °
he was not really master of the situation,
but was constantly hampered by the Emperor,
who, if he wanted peace, would not accept ,i
the only conditions on which peace was
possible, and by the military party, who
were throughout driving with all energy for
war, even if this involved war with England. à
2. Ve have the very complicated question
why the Chancellor has been so long in pub-