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diplomatie struggle with increased strength,
and, by the conquest of Serbia, would become
supreme in the Balkans. 1
If this diplomatie action failed. and Russia
persisted in her intervention up to the point
of war, Germany would support Austria and
the great trial of strength between the two
alliances on the Continent would 61151163. There
was little doubt that Germany and Austria
would come out victorious.
2. This plan was based on the hypothesis
that Great Britain would remain neutral and
that Roumania and Italy would, in aceordance
with the terms of their allianees, give their
On Wednesday it appeared that this assump-
tion was false ; it became known that England
would not promise neutrality, and Italy and
Rouinania refused their support.
On this the Chaneellor, who had all through
given his assent against his better judgment,
definitely turned round and tried to bring
about a peaeeful issue by bringing strong
pressure to bear upon Austria to accept pro-
posals for mediation.
In doing this, he eneountered the determined g
opposition of the military party at Berlin,
and during the last days of the crisis, there
. ‘i