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could not be depended upon Eto" ii support
In the Red Book on the relations between
Austria­Hungary and Roumania, published
by the Austrian Government, we have a
dispatch dated july 28th, in which Count
Czernin reports as the result of a conversation
with the King that (I) " In a war between
the Monarchy and Serbia, his Majesty guaran­
tees the strict neutrality of Roumania; and
...... (3) in the case that Russia U3
were to come forward against us, the King
said to me that we could unfortunately scarcely
reckon on the military support of Roumania." Q
" The King who, in making this declaration,
was more moved than I have ever seen him
before, assured me that if he could follow
his heart, his army would üght unconditionally
on the side of the Triple Alliance. It was,
however, impossible for him; during the last
year so much had changed that he was not
n in a position to maintain the treaty."
That similar information had come from .W
Italy we now know from the Chancellor. ,
This defection of two of Germany’s Allies A
doubtless carried great weight at Berlin.
If this interpretation of his cond.uct is not L
correct, it is easy for him to disprove it, but