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F. I
and for this we are indebted to the German 'A
Chancellor. He has published a new telegram ·
which completely confirms this interpretation : Q
" Should the Austro-Hungarian Govern­ l
ij ment refuse all mediation, we are confronted A
with a confiagration in which England would ’
go against us, and Italy and Roumania,
according to all indications, would not be
with us; so that with Austria­Hungary ;
we should confront three great Powers. i
_ Germany, as the result of England’s hos­ ‘
{ tility, would have to bear the chief brunt F
ä of the üght. The political prestige of Aus- ä
tria-Hungary, the honour of her arms, and i
her justified claims against Serbia can be i
sufficiently safeguarded by the occupation
of Belgrade or other places. We therefore ï
urgently and emphatically ask the Vienna *
§ Cabinet to consider the acceptance of media- T
pp tion on the proposed conditions. Responsi­ g
bility for the consequences which may other-
wise arise must be extraordinarily severe if
j for Austria-Hungary and ourselves." E
It is characteristic of him that when he
A allows this further document to be extracted g
` from him after an interval of more than two
years, it is still published in a partial and h ‘
‘ mutilated form, and without a date. As it
J 2
S Q;