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with a coalition equal, if not superior in force, iq
to her own.
The chief evidence I had for this was the ‘
Westmimter Gazette telegram. In this the es- `
sential passage is: " We are indeed ready to
fulül our duty. As an ally we must, however,
refuse to be drawn into a world conflagration
through Austria-Hungary not respecting our
advice." In interpreting this, I suggested that
we must lay stress on the word " world war,"
and that we should interpret it as a warning
to Austria to the following effect: So long .
as your action against Serbia only threatened ä
to bring about a war with Russia and France, A
we were prepared to support you and to make
this an occasion for bringing to a final issue
the question between the two coalitions. We
now find that we were wrong in our reading
of the diplomatie negotiations ; _it is clear
that England will come in; that will bring lp
about a war on a scale very different to what M
we had anticipated, and rather than incur
this risk, it is better that you should accept
the English offers of mediation. I
I felt that in this I was building on a small
and unstable foundation; the interpretation i E
might be regarded as arbitrary and uncertain. f
Any doubts I had are, however, now removed, F
i 11