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able, they might be made the basis for nego­
tiations; anyhow, it would be easy to use
them so as to gain a little time, and every
hour was of importance, and in any circum-
° stances an answer should be sent which would .
reassure the Russian Government as to the
friendly intentions of Germany. How was
this offer from Russia dealt with? The story
is an old one. It was met with an instan-
taneous and categorical refusal. Herr von
Iagow did not even take the trouble to
forward it to Vienna. To have done so would T
have done no harm, even had he known that
Austria would reject it, but it would at least
have saved several hours.
The categorical refusal from Germany in-
i evitably brought about the immediate com-
pletion of Russian mobilisation, and everyone
must have known that it would do so. Our
l third question to the Chancellor therefore is:
Why did he treat this Russian proposal in
this manner ? ,