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to prevent Russia rnobilising further. For
y this purpose it was necessary to reassure her,
E to prevent apprehension, to help the Czar iï
‘ in his desire to keep peace. How did he use
i` the opportunities which offered for doing this ? ij
. Obviously the ürst thing to do was to
Q prevent Austria hurrying on with her military
. action. If Austria continued the attack on
T Belgrade, then Russia must at once act. The
first question for the Chancellor therefore is:
Did he bring any pressure upon Austria to
3 stop military operations?
Again, if Austria completed her mobilisation,
Russia would certainly do the same. Now
we know that Austria ordered the complete
mobilisation of the whole army very early
on Friday morning. This was at once answered, ä
and unavoidably answered, by complete Russian
mobilisation. The second question is: Did
E the Chancellor use any pressure on Austria
it not to complete her mobilisation? E
I. ‘ Again, during Thursday a telegram came
lïï from St. Petersburg containing an oiïer from
Russia to stop her military preparations on
i. certain conditions. If the Chancellor really
ä wished to avoid war, this was clearly the E
most admirable opportunity. Even supposing P
. that the conditions were not entirely accept- A
i* 1 lt