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r ~*#“HAk »_w E
I given of the attitude of the Austro-Hungarian
i ‘ Government.
‘ Apparently there is a misunderstanding, which I beg
you to clear up. «
i We cannot expect Austria­Hungary to negotiate with -
Serbia, with which she is in a state of war. ye
i The refusal, however, to exchange views with St. `
Petersburg would be a grave mistake.
. We are indeed ready to tulfil our duty as an ally. l
g We must, however, refuse to be drawn into a world
confiagration through Austria-Hungary not respecting f,
our advice. AX
Q Your Excellency will express this to Count Berchtold
j with all emphasis and great seriousness. `
(Signed) BMHMANN-Horrwsc. '^
Here, then, we see the double rnotive. .
i For the first time the strongly expressed Q
I desire to avoid the world conflagration (for ‘
the coming in of England would change what ·
j would otherwise have been a simple European
l war to a zworlcl war), and side by side with E
this the diplomatie device of starting again
§ the negotiations which had been broken off. g
As to the resumption of these negotiations,
a word of explanation is necessary.
{W From the very beginning of the crisis the T
ï German Government had advised Austria to ly
ri offer to discuss ireely the settlement after
the war. The line they were advised to l
{ tïake was--" If you stand aside for the present
' e ll