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Lt Q for a good opportunity of going to war, they
d could not possibly have had a better one.
d So strong, however, were the paciüc intentions
1;_ of the Czar that in order to leave some
LS á element of hope, he limited himself to a
rg partial mobilisation only. This is of great
_d importance, because, as is well known, it is
It 5 the transference from partial to complete
lg mobilisation on which the Germans fix as
lg J their justification for war. 5
çy Y As it was, this moderation of the Czar gave
the German Government an opportunity for
gt extricating themselves from the awlïward posi- i
ES p tion in which they were. To this the whole
in 2 efforts of the next two days were directed,
i and, as far as the German nation was con-
ig h cerned, successfully, though the success was
p- ‘ attained only by giving afterwards a grossly
gy- untrue account of what happened and by
ge suppressing the greater part of the corre-
gy SpO11d€11C€.
St We can now understand the remarkable ‘
ti- telegram (the Westminster Gazette telegram)
hg which he sent to Vienna early on Thursday
cl; morning, and it will be convenient to repeat
[0- I ill Z
 The report of Count Pourtales does not har- nl
cd monise With the account which your Excellency has
il e