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A, i
time onwards his constant reiterations that Q
he did all he could to avoid war represented
4 at least his personal desire, even if they did
, not represent the decisions of the Government.
A Side by side with this, however, there was
I the other complication, and it was imperative
that the negotiations between Russia and
v Austria should be renewed. This might result {
in an arrangement being come to, but at the
same time the recommencing of negotiations J
was, as I have shown, a necessary preliminary ¥
to the outbreak of war.
If we are to attempt to understand what
appened, we must keep these different motives ,
in our minds, and it is they which will explain tr
= his action that night. A
For both reasons he wished to bring Russia h
,‘ and Austria together again, at least in ap- ‘
l pearance. Fortunately for him and for Ger-
äv many this was possible owing to the extreme
{ moderation of the Russian Government. They p
ïp were at the moment mobilising only against
Austria. They would have been quite justi-
hed, as I have already shown, in mobilising
' against Germany as well, and looking back
g at the events now, we can see that diplo­ '
, matically their moderation was a mistake.
, Had the Russian Government only wished
" ~ ll