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any action of this kind would bring about ·
l war with Germany. VVe therefore must make in
J our mobilisation complete."
As the Chancellor himself explains, if under i
T these circumstances Germany had gone to ;
1 war, " We should have rendered ourselves
guilty of that crime of which Russia was
guilty, by mobilising in the midst of negotia­ G
tions." The case against the German Govern-
ïi ment would have been so complete that not ;
even the German nation could have been ‘
j deceived; they would be clearly acting as
the aggressors and, under these circumstances,
it Would have been impossible to depend V
fa upon the support of the Socialists. Germany E
' Would have entered the war not as a united
but as a divided nation. At Whatever cost, A
· then, immediate mobilisation must be stopped.
The whole plan had gone wrong. Nothing
could be done until the line between Vienna
ii and Petrograd had been restored. The re­ E
opening 0f negozfiations was a necessary con-
dition for the declamzfion 0f war. V
‘· E al