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THE Cnrsrs.
LET me first recapitulate the events of the gi
three preceding days and the situation on X
y Wednesday, july 29th. They will be in the ï
T memory of all. i
Until Wednesday the action of the German
A Government had been consistent and har-
t monious. They had completely identitied them-
A selves with Austria, they claimed for Austria
a free hand to go to war with Serbia; by
the formula the " localisation of the con-
i üict " they had asserted that the matter
was one with which Europe as a whole, and
lr Russia in particular, had no concern; they
A had publicly announced that they intended
y to support this proposition if necessary in
p arms, they had warned the Russian Govern­
ment that if they took any military measures 1
l to oppose Austria, Germany would at once
mobilise and go to War ; this action had been I
A accompnied by the necessary steps at home,