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one front or two. War on three fronts due
to the participation of England was at ürst
I looked upon as an utter impossibility. Al-
; though the French mobilisation had taken
' place early that afternoon, it was still insisted
that mobilisation did not necessarily mean war.
The Press was given the deünite instruction:
‘ Not one word against France.’ In the mean-
time the news was already coming in that the
German border in Alsace had been crossed
in several places by the French. What ap-
plied to France naturally applied to England.
The Press of England was given to under-
stand that the strictest moderation must be
, Some of these statements, ag., that the
French and the Russians had crossed the
frontier before German mobilisation cannot
be accepted; with that I am not on this
occasion concerned.
’ In his answer to this attack which the
Chancellor made in his speech of April, 1916,
it is interesting to notice that he does not
' attempt to challenge the facts. He completely
* This is clearly a mistranslation ; it should probably
read: " The Press was given to understand that the p
strictest moderation must be observed towards England?