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fered with the plans of the military party;
he caused the outbreak of war to be deferred
for three days ; by this he brought enormous
losses upon Germany, and though they do
not now say it, no doubt eventually the
charge will be brought against him that it
` is he who is responsible for the ünal defeat. 1
The point is one of such importance for
our knowledge of the internal relations of
parties in Germany, and also for the history
of the negotiations, that I will quote the
accusation in ful1* :
" All Germany felt and knew that the fatal
hour had struck. Only Bethmann-Hollweg
. clung to the hope that a peaceful solution
of the ‘incident’ could be found, or at least ‘
that hostilities might be confined to Austria
and Serbia. l
r " Concerning the activities of the Chancellor
immediately before the war, known to us
g from published dispatches and notes, it is `
unnecessary to speak in detail. It is plain
g that, taken as a whole, his untiring efforts
, "‘ This passage is an extract from an anonymous pam-
phlet by "_]unius Alter/’ privately circulated in Germany.
No copy of it seems to have reached this country, but
I am enabled to make this quotation from an article in
the Chicago Daily News of july 11th, in which long
extracts are printed.