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record of the whole of the negotiations which
had taken pilace with all the interested Powers, i
with those with whom they are now in alliance
as well as with the enemy countries. On n
this record we stand. Having no more dis-
closures to make, they fear no disclosures
which may be made by other countries ; they
have been willing to submit to the judgment
of the world based on this simple record,
which requires neither explanation nor apology. i
The German Government, while constantly
asserting its innocence of the designs attributed
to it and its peaceful intentions, has to this
day refrained from making any such dis-
closure. Till they do so, it does not seem
as if any further discussion on this point
will be prolgitable. When they do, then the _
British nation will be willing, as they always
have been, to rely on the verdict of any
impartial tribunal and on the general judgment
ol the civilised world.