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the greatest historical facts with which the
world has ever had to do. The war, at any
rate, is there. Why did it arise? Was it,
as some would believe, a tragic error? Was
it, as others would tell us, the result of a
scheme formed many years ago by the British
Government and the outcome of a plot assidu­
ously nurtured during the _years of peace
. with an almost unparalleled cunning, in which
, a deep machiavellian design was veneered over
and hidden even from the British nation?
ii Or was it on the contrary, the outcome of
a plan formed by the German Government
to secure once and for all their predominance
and control over Europe?
ë On one point there is agreement between
both sides. The question of the origin of
the war remains now, as it has always been,
J one of supreme importance; it still governs
i the conduct of the war, and when the time
comes to discuss the terms of peace, it will
be found that the proposals made by different
countries are profoundly inüuenced by the
views taken as to the origin of the war. The
è British Government have done all in their
Z power to help to an understanding of this
_ question. At the very beginning they put
forward a full, complete and unvarnished