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to hold back, but they did not give the same
open, public and obvious ground for completing
. mobilisation that the declaration of war on
5 Serbia had done. It therefore became possible
for the German Government to fix on the final
i act, to attempt to show that this was taken
F without adequate reason and to twist round
‘ the whole of the narrative, dealing with it
as an isolated action and out of connection
with all that had preceded it.
The articles are largely controversial, that
_ is, they are occupied not with setting up
A and defending an hypothesis, but in overthrow
ing that put forward by the other side. They
are negative, not positive. This course is
A necessary. In order to prove conclusively any
g contention, it is not enough to put forward
i and defend one’s own point of view ; it must
be shown that no other explanation of the
facts is tenable. The advocate in the Court
of Law has not only to prove his own case,
but to demolish that of his opponent. This
· he does by cross-exaniination. This is a method
@ we would gladly adopt were it possible; as
it is not, the only course available is to take
X the best and most authoritative statements