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by mobilisation, with the implication that if
the Austrians in reality proceeded to overrun
L. Serbia, Russia would interfere in arms. As
soon as it became evident that Austria was
acting with the support of Germany, and
that in the event of war, German support
would be given to Austria, it was obvious
that this mobilisation must be directed against
° Germany as well as against Austria if it was
I to have any effect.
A complete endorsement of this point of
view is to be found in the introduction to
the Austrian Red Book, in which it is clearly ‘
l stated that the combined action of Austria `
lt and Germany was directed against Russian
i ambitions in regard to Constantinople. This
gi is put in the forefront of the argument. ­
f In the discussion of these matters this point
of view is more or less recognised by Austrian
controversialists. To them the matter is so
familiar that it could not in fact be ignored.
In the statements of German writers, little
or nothing is said about it, but one has a
feeling that they really quite understand the
; situation, and just for this reason say little
about it. When I read the attempts to defend
j Austrian and German action which have ap-
peared in England, I ünd a complete ignorance
ïiel r i