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d of Serbia should have been completed. But
H with regard to these discussions two points
H are to be noticed: first, they were on the
Y basis that they should be subsequent to the
H conquest of Serbia, Le., any compensation
__ offered to Russia should not be put forward
8 until Austria had gained her own ends, and
5, secondly, in proposing these discussions no
H suggestion of any kind was made that any
L1 compensation should be given to Russia. Had
the action of Austria been intended not to be
pt ` hostile to Russia, a diiïerent procedure would
­ ` ' have been taken. Russia would have been
E; sounded beforehand as she was in IQO8, and
there would have been a clear recognition
I that if she gave Austria a free hand in Serbia,
Y some compensation was due to her. This
Y was not done. An attempt was made to
S rush the whole affair. Russia was to be
R placed before a fait accompli, and negotiations
H would then have been carried on after the
,1 whole issue had in fact been decided.
B In such a situation there was no possible
O course for the Russian Government to take
S _ except that which they did in fact take: to
H state openly and frankly that they could not
R accept Austrian proposals, that the hrst move-
,1; ment of the Austrian armies would be met