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the whole military power, not only of Austria
but of Austria and Germany, intervening be-
ggë tween her and the open sea. She would
Y therefore have lost, and lost if not permanently
at least probably for many generations, all
;.p hopes of attaining that which had been the
ë governing object of her whole policy since
the time of Peter the Great. Vas it to be
expected that she should tacitly acquiesce in
such a solution. of the Eastern question?
Is it conceivable that any Russian Czar or
Russian Minister could have remained quiet
` before such a situation?
I And if we analyse further, we shall find
that the essential cause underlying these events
i was that Germany had come forward as a
r party directly and immediately interested in
· Eastern Europe. If it is the case, as has been
said, that the road to Constantinople was to
4 be found not so much through Vienna as
if through Berlin, this is due to the fact that
A Germany has now come forward as a rival
‘ claimant for control over the Imperial City.
5 Russia might have acquiesced for an indeünite
period in the maintenance of the status
quo; no one could suggest that she
could have looked on in passive inaction
while Germany seized upon that which