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But there is a further matter to be con-
sidered. The establishment of Austrian as-
cendancy over Serbia would in reality have
given to her the complete control, not only
, of the Western but also of the Eastern Balkans,
for Roumania was united to the Central Powers
p by a formal treaty, and in addition to this,
since the Treaty of Bucharest, Bulgaria had
taken her place on the side of Austria. More-
over, the influence of Germany at Constanti-
nople was so great that Turkey must also be
regarded as an ally of the Germanic Powers.
The only thing required, therefore, to com-
plete the Germanic ascendancy was the sub-
mission of Serbia. Had Russia remained quiet,
V as was suggested to her, she would, in a few
weeks, have been confronted by the situation
that the whole of the Balkans from the Pruth
to the Adriatic had been completely won over
to her rival, and, in addition to this, Turkey,
'_ the Government and the whole of the Empire,
would have taken its stand by the side of
Germany. If we couple this with what was
known as to German ambition for the ex-
ploitation of the Turkish Empire, we can see
that there would have been established be-
p tween Russia and the Mediterranean a solid
block of allied or subject states, supported by