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result of such a partition would be that Aus-
ïê tria should get access to the Aegean at
Salonika and Russia by Constantinople and
the Dard.anelles.
Serbia would, therefore, have been regarded
l as looking to Austria, Roumania and Bulgaria 4
as allies of Russia. From this point of view
pi any action, the result of which would have "
5 tended to increase Austrian ascendancy over
Serbia, could have been accepted by Russia gp
lp only on the condition that they had previous
l warning of what was contemplated, and that A
they were promised some conc. ession in the J
Eastern part of the Balkans, which would Ff
g give them an access of power and inüuence z
ä similar to that which Austria would gain. p
{ The form which this would have taken would li
A naturally have been the promise of Austrian
assistance in winning the opening of the Straits `
to Russia. We know that in 1908 this was
¤ the subject of conüdential discussion, and we 1
know also that the agreement which was i
foreshadowed in these discussions was broken
by Austria when she proceeded to the annexa­
tion of Bosnia and Herzegovina, without wait-
E ing until Russia had given her consent. It
A is from this act that the recent intensity of
rivalry between the two states has arisen.